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* Video: Fiat launches cheeky Topless 500c Abarth Ad

Posted on December 6th, 2012 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Fiat.

Fiat has been doing well in North America particularly in capturing the attention of potential customers through its ads. Well we are pretty sure the Italian brand learned something from the Jennifer Lopez ad.

During the LA Autoshow last year, Fiat launched the Seduction add featuring the 500 Abarth and the beautiful supermodel Catrinel Menghia. For this year’s edition of the same auto show, the Italian car manufacturer rolled out its new ad for the 500c Abarth, a version of the car that has a roof that can be opened.

The new ad is aptly called “Topless” and features the Menghia startled by a cheeky scorpion that somehow alludes to the brand logo of Abarth. The scorpion might have had the best job most sought after for by most men– taking off the supermodel’s bathing suit.

YouTube Preview Image

By the way, it is also worth mentioning that the previous Fiat ad with Menghia won as the best TV ad at the 2012 D Show held 28 November in Detroit. The marketing executives of the Italian car brand was very pleased with the award knowing that the ad was on a shoestring budget. It was also not meant for mainstream television.

The “Seduction” commercial was first released on the web and went viral. The dealers loved the ad and requested it to go on TV.

We are pretty sure you have been waiting for the video after reading the 5th letter of the title of the article. No need to track back and find out what word is that. It is Topless. So here’s the video. Enjoy!

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* Rumor Mill: Bentley to have production version Continental GT3?

Posted on October 11th, 2012 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley, Bentley Continental.

Bentley recently unwrapped a concept race car that takes its DNA from the luxurious Continental GT. It was tagged simply as the Continental GT3 and may be interpreted as a clear signal that Bentley wants to return to the world of motorsports. The move can be compared to brands like Lamborghini and Maserati that produces one-make race car series for some of their current models.
Bentley admits that the concept vehicle is a good foundation for their long-term plan to return to the tracks but also shares that there can be a street-legal version of the ride. As early as last year, there were actually reports that Bentley is keen on developing a track-focused variant of the Continental GT that may the the position of the Continental Supersports. The latest report says tha the Continental GT3 could be the production version of the idea.

The tag price of the Bentley Continental GT3 may come just close to the Continental Supersports. The most potent car of the Continental brood can be yours if you can shell out around $300,000. It is worth every penny though if you love speed monsters as its W-12 6.0L engine can churn out around 700 horsepower. There is also a possibility that the lighter V-8 twin turbocharged V-8 will be offered.

Moving forward, Bentley might offer its 12-cylinder powerplants for its prestige lineup while installing the V-8s for the satisfaction of consumers who want a performance-tuned ride.

The race car concept features a rear wheel drive setup but the production version would likely have an all wheel configuration due to safety reasons. It will also get a more tamer exterior and a more plush cabin. What will Bentley be like without the luxury interior, right?

Once given the thumbs up, the Continental GT3 may hit the showrooms as early as 2014. Of course, it will be very limited, we heard only around 300 units will be produced.

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* Bentley releases EXP 9 F Concept images and video

Posted on July 10th, 2012 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley.

Bentley has wowed the crowd with its EXP 9 F concept car during the motors show in Geneva, then Beijing, and recently in the United Kingdom during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The luxury car manufacturer still claims that the SUV in concept phase is their way of gauging the pulse of the market. Things are still not clear but Bentley is quite specific when it comes to their production forecast and the engine the Bentley SUV will get.

In its recent appearance in the UK, Bentley released the first video of the EXP 9 F Concept in motion. The carmaker also released a new set of images. You will see the video below and see how you will love (or hate) the design of the Bentley SUV.

Some are speculating that the newly release videos and images have something to do with a recent report that Bentley presented details of the planned production of the EXP 9 F to Volkswagen, its parent company. The reports say that the SUV has gained enough interest from the public and has a strong potential to hit the production line. It must be noted though that the front and rear end styling of the vehicle might be revised according to the feedback from consumers. The interior of the vehicle has been praised for its elegant styling and opulent quality.

YouTube Preview Image

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* Bentley will retain styling of concept SUV headed to the auto show in Beijing

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley.

Bentley concept SUVDespite receiving a lot of criticisms when it was revealed in Geneva, the Bentley concept EXP 9 F SUV will be heading to the Beijing motor show in April unchanged.

Some of the comments received by the concept SUV in Geneva include the design being unrefined and awkward for such a luxury brand. The luxury car manufacturer though is not worried. Bentley respects the criticisms thrown from all the directions and says this is part of the EXP 9 F receiving a global attention. The chief engineer of the brand also said during an interview said that the production of the brand will push thru .

The Volkswagen owned brand explained that the SUV should smooth out the cycle of the sales of Bentley. At the moment, the Continental makes up the biggest chunk of sales of Bentley with Mulsanne covering the rest of the bases. The company believes that the Bentley SUV will bring in the balance to the sales.

The EXP 9 F will also give them a good chance to get more customers from emerging markets like China and the Middle East.

The Bentley EXP 9 F will depend on a 12 cylinder twin turbo than runs on gasoline. The production version might also carry the turbocharged V8 petrol engine or even a hybrid setup.

During the first two months of the year, China has been the biggest market of the luxury car brand Bentley with delivery of 324 units. The number is up by 66% from the same time in 2011 and just ahead of the US market which covered for 29% of their sales or 251 vehicles sold. The global sales of Bentley went up by as much as 47% or 894 vehicles.

The sales of the brand might hit 25,000 units during the lifetime of the EXP 9 F with annual sales jumping to 5,000 at most.

Bentley will also face a good competition in the ultra luxury segment of the SUV niche with Lamborghini, owned by VW too, set to unwrap its SUV in Beijing next month. Maserati will also be releasing the production version of the Kuban concept which first graced the auto world in Frankfurt last year.

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* Detroit 2012: Bentley unveils 2013 Continental GT V8

Posted on January 16th, 2012 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley, Bentley Continental.

bentley-continental-gt-v8The stricter fuel mileage regulations like the CAFE or Corporate Average Fuel Economy have been putting some pressure on car manufacturers in several aspects of their business. It seems Bentley gives us their first offering at the Detroit Motor Show to help improve the fuel consumption of their vehicle lineup. The luxury carmaker now gives engine options for their Continental GTC and Continental GT.

The new Continental GT will have under its hood the intercooled, turbocharged 4.0L V8 powerplant which is similar to the engine of the S7 and S8 of Audi. The cheapest car of the Bentley lineup will be able to output 487 lb-ft and still a monstrous 500 horsepower.

The Continental draws its DN forom the Phaeton D-platform of Volkswagen. The power of the engine is transferred to the wheels thru the new automatic, close ratio 8-speed gearbox that has an all wheel drive capability. This set up can bring the Continental GT from 0 to 60 in just 4.6 seconds with its top speed pegged at 188 miles per hour.

Given the smaller engine Continental GTC and GT V8 can boast of a 40% improvement in fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide.

Bentley lovers will be able to distinguish the W12 dependent variants from the newly unwrapped Continental with V8 engines thru certain aesthetic updates and unique rims.

The new Bentley vehicles will be on the showrooms before the end of this year with pricing expected to be announced before the official launch. It is expected to compete with the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, CL63 AMG by Mercedes-Benz, BMW M6, Aston Martin DBS, and the Gran Turismo Coupe of Maserati.

If ever you have placed your order, 12-12-12 predictions anyone? So just hope that the car be delivered to your doorstep before that date comes!

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* Bentley’s new SUV to have a 12 cylinder engine

Posted on October 20th, 2011 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley.

The new SUV of Bentley will not only carry the Bentley emblem and be the most luxurious SUV in the market when it rolls out in 2015, it is also making sure that it will have the power by getting a 12 cylinder powerplant.

Bentley will be the first brand to make use of a as dependent 12-cylinder engine in a luxury sport utility vehicle. The engine going under the hood of the Bentley SUV will most likely be a new version of the W12 which is currently being used for the Continental lineup.

According to the CEO of Bentley, the W12 gives the Bentley SUV some packaging advantage side by side a V12 but the engine bay of the SUV will most likely be configured to also accept it. This is because the luxury car marque is also planning to make a V12 version of the SUV set to follow the petrol sibling in the production line after a few years. This V12 might be a new version of the 6.0L 493 bhp V12 TDI of Audi that is currently used for the Audi Q7.

In order to get the SUV into production, Bentley tapped the services of Rolf Frech, chief Porsche engineer. The new engineer boss will spearhead the the SUV project bringing with him an extensive experience in making SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne.

Renderings of the SUV set to roll out by 2015 have been floating around the web. The launch is scheduled in time when the sales of the other vehicles are expected to go down. The date of production will actually be dictated by the cycles of the other Bentley models. A model’s cycle usually lasts from 6 to 8 years so the introduction of the SUV will be able to cover for any lull in sales.


* Bentley set to launch new models in 18-month cycles

Posted on August 8th, 2010 by Timothy. Filed under Bentley.

Bentley is attempting a new strategy in order to keep the eyes of their wealthy clients on their showrooms. The luxury carmaker is set to introduce a new product following an 18-month cycle. The new product schedule will spawn new variants of their current lineup like a convertible version of their Supersports coupe.

According to the research team of Bentley, owners on the average only use their cars for about a year or a year and a half before they look for a new ride to get their hands on. They also found out that when the car marques offer a coupe and a convertible version, the consumers will most likely get both vehicles to satisfy their craving for choices.

Bentley recently released a new video and some pictures as part of their PR push. Click on the video below:

YouTube Preview Image

The Continental Supersports Bentley Convertible was unveiled during the 2010 motor show in Geneva and it features a W12 twin-turbo 6.0L engine with 621 bhp ad a torque of 590 lb-ft. With its AWD and quick shift technology, this car can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. Its top speed is pegged at 325 km/h.

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* Bentley: All Continentals will have flex-fuel capability

Posted on March 17th, 2010 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley Continental, Green Cars.

Bentley recently announced that its Continental range of sedan, coupe, and convertible will only be marketed as flex-fuel-only cars by June 2010. This move is to meet the goal of the company to reduce the carbon dioxide emission of their fleet by as much as 15% by 2012.

The range of Continentals will get the flex-fuel variant of Bentley’s W-12 6.0L engine. It will only be the powerplant that will be offered for the range. The engine can operate using gasoline, bioethanol E85, or a any proportions of the mix of bioethanol and gasoline.

2010 Bentley Continental GT Engine

The 2011 Supersports Convertible from the Continental range which was unveiled during the recent Geneva Motor Show is also flex-fuel capable. The Supersports convertible is claimed to be the fastest convertible the brand has ever produced.

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* 2010 Bentley Continental GT spotted in Nurburgring circuit

Posted on August 3rd, 2009 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley, Bentley Continental.

Do you know what Denzel Washington and Kim Kardashian have in common? No, it’s not talent. 2010 Bentley Continental GTAnd it has absolutely nothing to do with Hollywood, but it sure does come with fame. It’s their choice of wheels— Bentley Continental GT.

While the GTC Speed has been around since August 2008, as well as the Flying Spur Speed saloon, their convertible sister is yet to receive the gift of speed from the Bentley geniuses. A prototype of the 2010 Bentley Continental GT has been spotted in the Nurburgring circuit in Germany during a test drive.

Okay, not so much has changed since we last saw it, but at a closer look, it has been given a more aggressive look courtesy of the mesh-grille and lowered intakes and height. Looking closer still, the steering wheel was given a new tri-spoke emblem with metallic accents as the rim bears a stitched leather design.

Like its older brothers, the 2010 GTC Speed will get a revamped 6.0L W12 twin-turbocharged engine. A new crankcase is also in order; much lighter camshaft and a speedier cam sensor are also added. Additional boost pressure also comes with the turbo engine.

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* Concours D’Elegance to host the replacement for the Bentley Arnage

Posted on July 10th, 2009 by BentleyOwner. Filed under Bentley, Bentley Arnage, Corporate.

The current version of the Bentley Arnage is showing some age when lined against ultra luxury cars like the Phantom from Rolls Royce or some of the Maybach saloons, but a replacement for the Arnage is in the works.

Bentley will be starting production of the next generation model by next year but has confirmed that the car will be taking spotlight in the 2009 Pebble Beach motor show this coming August.

The new model will have a higher tag price compared to its current version. Some are speculating that it might be positioned in a higher bracket of the market. The replacement Arnage might meet head on with the Phantom of Rolls Royce while the latter is sending out the Ghost to challenge the Flying Spur of the Bentley Continental line.

How the car will be called has not been revealed but executives from Bentley promised that it will soon be known this summer. The price of the vehicle will also be in accordance to the exclusivity of the car.

replacement for the Bentley Arnage

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